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New Product - CERAMIC MUGS featuring our Quotes and Sayings!

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Happy, Healthy and Successful New Year to All!

Now that our holiday orders for magnets are over, I get to begin the year again! 

I love this time of year...starting over, new promises, new goals.  

I'm very excited to announce our New Product! 

CERAMIC MUGS!  All of our most popular quotes and sayings that we think will be perfect on a mug.

                                               Available in 11 oz or 15 oz sizes.

I've been busy in the studio preparing my artwork to put on the mugs.  Although we still handcraft our magnets, these ceramic coffee cups are USA made by our production partner.  I'm thrilled about this because over the 25 years we've been making magnets, people always ask why we don't put our art and quotes on other products…especially for those (like so many of my friends) who no longer have a fridge door that can hold up magnets!

I chose mugs because they are universal…everybody can use another mug … especially during the winter months…a hot beverage with a saying just for you or the person you gift it to.  Warms the hands, warms the heart!

Watch for more new mugs as they are listed in our shop...and look for new announcements about other items we will be bringing you in 2019.

Wishes for a good year filled with laughter and happiness!



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