Magnet, Saying, Age - Fifty, Fabulous, Quote, women, 50 years old. Rhinestone necklace

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A Magnificent Magnet for women 50 years old. Fifty and Fabulous is the saying about age.

A lady with a pink hat, teal green feather and rhinestone necklace graces this magnetic saying.

Quote reads: Fifty and Fabulous!

The 3x3 inch laminated art print is adhered to strong and sturdy vinyl magnet

The real rhinestone on this lady's necklace makes this fridge magnet an extra special gift for a gal who is turning 50 years old...or should we say 50 years young!

Wonderful fifitieth birthday gift or gift "topper." Send this with a card or use it instead of one...this lasts long after a birthday card is thrown away.

We have this refrigerator magnet for all ages.

This Magnificent Magnet can be custom lettered with the person's name.

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The Magnificent Magnet

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